Bear Mattress: Coupon, Discount, and Promo Code 2018

Getting your dream Bear Mattress is now lighter in the pocket! You can now get a discount code worth $50 off of your Bear purchase on our website. It is our mission to have our customers receive the best mattress deals. Not only in price but also in quality. That is why in this article, we have written everything you need to know about Bear Mattress as well as the code. To find out, continue reading below:

The Bear Mattress Promo

Bear Mattress: The Company

This family-owned company has been in the manufacturing business for over 25 years. Bear Mattress’ experience has truly helped shape the high quality mattresses they produce. But even with that, the company still believes that the price tag doesn’t have to get in the way of having the customers owning one. They strive to provide their customers with only the highest quality mattresses at affordable prices. On top of that is their exceptional customer service. It has continuously proven its honesty, transparency, and putting importance to customers’ satisfaction.

Bear Mattress: The Product

As the saying goes: “it takes one to know one”. And when it comes to your troubles with mattresses, what you need is a company that knows what to give you. The amount of mattress companies today could easily sway you away from getting what you truly need with all their enticing promos and deals. But fear not, because we are about to lead you to the right kind of mattress for you with Bear Mattress.

What sets Bear Mattress apart from all other mattress companies is the team behind the product. It is made up of a group of people that came together to identify what kind of mattress that people actually need. They include chiropractors, fitness experts, hardcore athletes, weekend warriors, and many more. Basically these people know what relief and comfort from pain after a long day’s work looks like. As a result, they have created mattresses with pillows that provide maximum support for recovery—be it from sports and workouts, to daily activities.

After planning is the actual product process. For this part, Bear mattresses undergo four layers of cooling, contouring, and comforting the foam to provide the right support and relieve pressure in different parts of your body. What is more, the foam they use is of another level. Their team has engineered Quick Response foam, which conforms your body while also giving you warmth.

Another thing that sets it apart from the rest is their cover, which is made with a Celliant™ responsive textile technology. The textile is made from natural materials that convert the body’s natural heat into infrared energy which is used to treat inflammation and facilitates in helping the body recover faster from injury and exhaustion due to daily activities. As a result, you will wake up each morning feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to face the day.

Finally to top it all of, Bear Mattress offers a 100 Nights Money Back Guarantee on all of their mattresses. So if you find any problems that might arise with your purchase, you can be assured that there will be no hassle. Just call them and you’ll get a refund of your money right away. On top of it all, they will be the one to arrange the pick-up from your home. No need to carry it all by yourself back.

Bear Mattress: Coupon Code

Now onto the best part, the coupon code. After you have convinced yourself to purchase a Bear Mattress, here is a $50 coupon code from us. Just type in this coupon code at checkout and bask in the glory of a more affordable yet high-quality mattress to come your way:

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