Brooklyn Bedding Discount/Promo Code

Are you planning to get a new Brooklyn Bedding mattress at the best price possible? If so, then you’re in a for a treat because we’ll share with you a promo code that will definitely save you money on your next purchase. We aim to provide our readers reliable information and honest reviews on sleeping essentials. Not only that, but we also give the best deals available on the market today. Keep reading to find out how to take advantage of the Brooklyn Bedding coupon.

My Brooklyn Bedding Review

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Brooklyn Bedding was established by two siblings, John and Rob Merwin, in 1995. This family-owned company was made due to the brothers’ desire to sell premium mattresses at a fair price. The company started with a handful of employees and now employs more than 100 workers in their factory.

Brooklyn Bedding Review
Pictured: the Brooklyn Aurora.

Before creating their own website, they sold their mattresses through Amazon. You know how it is to deal with a middleman- extra costs that the company had to regain by increasing the price of their mattresses.

In 2013, the brothers stopped putting their products on Amazon and made their own website. At the time there were only 12 different mattresses ranging from memory foam to latex. The brothers realized that the process confused some of their customers so they altered it to make it easier.

Two years past and the brothers took their enterprise a step further. While their competitors were focusing on universal mattresses which they claimed would suit anyone, Brooklyn Bedding was developing mattresses that met the specifications of customers. The company’s strategy was very successful and to take a step even further, they have released a new product line called #BestMattressEver.

Is #BestMattressEver Worth A Purchase?

Definitely! When you hear a phrase such as “the best mattress ever”, you have nothing but high expectations. Brooklyn Bedding’s mattresses live up to such expectations.

Purchasing a Brooklyn Bedding mattress is different from any other website. First, you have to select the size that you like. Next, choose the firmness – this is where the new product line stands out because you can select from soft, medium to hard for the firmness level. This step can be a bit complicated for some but you can contact one of their representatives to help you choose the right level of firmness for your mattress.

The best thing about buying this new mattress is its 120-day guarantee. In case you’re not satisfied with the firmness, you can contact the company and they’ll begin the return process immediately.

Brooklyn Bedding Promos

Brooklyn Bedding often holds promos and sales. They usually give freebies (2 #BestPillowEver and one set #BestSheetEver) when you buy a #BestMattressEver. Visit ChooseMattress occasionally, to learn more about their sales, promos, and discount codes.