The Remarkable Sleep Quality Of Nectar Matresses

With its recent arrival on the market, Nectar Sleep has provided a luxury foam mattress guaranteed to please. To produce this ultra-comfortable mattress, the best materials have been used. Even with the use of high-quality materials, consumers still get to benefit from the best possible prices.

The company also offers a “forever warranty” in addition to a 365-night sleep trial. If at some point you need a new mattress cover, they will send a new one for you. Nectar Sleep has gone above and beyond to prove to customers their mattress would be the last one they had to purchase. Below are more details of the features that make Nectar mattress great:

Materials and Construction

This 11-inch, all-foam mattress is made up of a variety of foams and constructed in 4 layers:

• Top Comfort Layer

Made of 1-inch quilted foam stitched into the cover, this layer is designed to relieve pressure points and enhance airflow. It also provides softness and gives the top of the mattress a luxurious feel.

• Support Layer

This 1-inch layer of 4-pound patented Lush Foam fast-recovery, semi-open gel memory foam assists with comfort and cooling. It is also responsible for providing primary support.

• Transition Layer

This embedded 1-inch layer of 3-pound medical-grade cooling gel foam is designed to serve as transitional support. It is strategically placed between the lower and upper layers. It helps to cool the mattress as well.

• Foundation Layer

This 6-inch layer of high-density foam serves as the base of the mattress. It is designed to provide its users with deep compression support.


The Nectar mattress is covered in Tencel, which is a soft, long-staple cotton-mix fabric. The combination includes fabrics cooler than linen, softer than silk and much more absorbent than cotton.

This cover is also naturally resistant to bed bugs. In addition, it improves circulation and airflow by generously circulating air throughout the upper layers of the mattress. The exterior and cover of the mattress are tremendously luxurious and soft. This is a feature that is normally only associated with mattresses that cost between 3 and 4 times the price of the Nectar mattress.

Over time, after sleeping on the mattress, if you need a new cover, the company will replace it for you with a fresh, new one. Best of all, the replacement will cost you nothing. This is something that many users have never experienced before from a mattress company.


With its top comfort layers and layers of denser foam foundation, the Nectar mattress provides remarkable support. It does an excellent job of providing support in every sleep position. Individuals who typically sleep on their sides will find that the top comfort layer provides adequate ‘give’ to support their hips and shoulders.

It also provides the firmness needed for those who sleep on their back or stomach. This is an indication that all users will experience the outstanding sleep quality Nectar mattress provides. Its luxurious comfort layer is reminiscent of softer memory foam layers that hug and mold to the shoulders and hips. It essentially provides an improved level of comfort with higher quality materials.


The comfort and sleep quality provided by the Nectar mattress is second to none. This is largely due to its lavish top layer. The Tencel material used to cover the mattress provides a soft and supple environment ideal for sleeping. The various layers of foam underneath the cover contour and support the body while you sleep.

The adaptive foam and gel foam layers provide the required response to changing positions during the night. They easily support the body weight, without creating an excessive movement for anyone who might be sharing the bed.

The mattress is also remarkable for passionate couple’s activities. The bed provides incredible bounce and push back guaranteed to enhance sex. There is no danger of experiencing the sinking into a hole effect synonymous with traditional memory foam mattresses. The Nectar is tremendously comfortable and simultaneously supportive. The premium materials used in the mattress all lend themselves to providing this level of overall comfort.


The Nectar mattress is available in only one firmness option. Out of 10, Nectar mattress reviews gives an average rating of 6 to 7, with 10 being the firmest. This places the mattress in more of a medium to firm category. The top comfort layer with its soft, luxurious feel combines with the underlying support layers to provide a winning combination of comfort and support.

With other types of mattresses, a number of heavier sleepers tend to sink beneath the top comfort layers and experience sleeping on more of the support layers. These support layers are typically harder and do not feel as comfortable. However, this is different with the Nectar. Heavier sleepers do not instantly compress through the top comfort layers and forced to sleep on the support layers.

Essentially, a number of users have found Nectar to be on the firmer side of the spectrum; however, the luxurious cover materials and upper comfort layers make it quite comfortable.

These are just a few of the features that underscore the comfort, luxury and exceptional sleep quality provided by the Nectar mattress.