What is the Best Way to Get a Newborn Baby to Sleep Through the Night?

Are you tired of waking up late at night because your newborn baby refuses to sleep? This is a common problem inexperienced parents face especially during the first few weeks of when the baby is born. But don’t worry, there are many easy solutions to this problem. Below is a list of tried and tested solutions that will get your toddler to sleep through the night giving her and you the full night’s sleep you deserve.

Use White Noise to Cancel out Other Noises

The best way to create a sleeping environment for your baby is to create white noise through a specially designed machine or through using the ceiling fan. Just turn on the fan on low settings and it will create a humming sound that will cancel out any other sound in the room. By turning this sound on every night, you’ll create a sleep inducing sound which the baby will easily recognize and will go to sleep to. If you don’t have a fan or a machine, you can use white noise MP3s from the internet.

Don’t Give the Baby Too Much Attention

When your baby reaches the time when she starts to crawl, she is basically quite excited about using her skills. This is will often cause her to keep moving herself at night. You should let her stay in her crib and don’t try to soothe her too much. The baby will keep moving her hands and feet until she decides to go to sleep on her own. If it feels uncomfortable, don’t worry, she’ll let you know with her cries. Just wait for a few minutes and see how she goes to sleep easily.

Don’t Feed the Baby Too Late

90 percent of babies don’t require snacking or feeding in the night. Many worried moms will try to keep feeding their baby in the night hoping that it would get her to relax and sleep. But this is quite the opposite, feeding your baby in the night will only keep her awake. So don’t feed her and keep checking her after every 3 minutes. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly the baby will go to sleep if you don’t feed her in the night.

These three techniques are tried and tested by experienced moms and recommended by many baby clinic experts, use them to get you and your baby the sleep it needs.

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